Dear visitors, you are in new web pages of the interest group of juridical persons of Gas System Designer Association.

Data of the Group

Gas System Designer Association
Legal Form: interest group of juridical persons
Registered Seat: Ruprechtická 1222/36, 460 01 Liberec I
Registration Number: 57/09/LBC
Association Date: 2th December, 2009
ID: 72055031

Subject Matter of the GSDA Activities:

The Association was established with a target to permanently improving the processing level of the project documentation and engineering activities in field of dedicated gas systems on the actual science and engineering level in accordance with the Czech Office of Safety at Work and the Czech Mining Office Board Public Notice No. 21/1979 Coll. as amended. Main points of the Association activities:

  1. The Association profiles its members by virtue of their high skill and professionalism having proved by the independent professional certification for gas plants performed by a third party. At the same time the Association improves and cares about the skill of the member organization employees by means of its members.
  2. The Association takes active part in close cooperation between its members and gas companies.
  3. The Association initiates the desired legal regulation of relationships in the line which has occurred during the activity and codifies basis professional regulations. It initiates creation and cooperation in reference to particular technical and labor regulations.
  4. The Association speaks in support of professional interests of its members toward the government and other bodies and is interpreting benefits of cooperation with other Association members. The Association activities have been based on cooperation especially with ČPS, ČPU, ČÚBP, IP, ITI and GAS.
  5. The Association represents common interests and needs of its members abroad either independently or by means of partnership organizations or by the Czech Society of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Building (CSAETB).
  6. The Association creates positive image of membership in the Association toward gas companies and other prospective contractors. By virtue of the foregoing agreement of its members, the Association secures the publicity and distributing information in reference to business activities of its members.
  7. The Association represents common interests of its members against other partners.
  8. The Association develops expert and counseling activities, process expert´s reports and contributes to settlement of disputes among its members or between members and a third party by means of its conciliation board, which had been nominated by the board of directors.
  9. The Association asserts the line politics in the legislation sphere of the business environment.  For that purpose it cooperates with the CSAETB and similar bodies.
  10. The Association arranges special workshops, education training and thematic field trips for its members.
  11. The Association performs its own economic activity in order to support the due fulfillment of its tasks in accordance with its mission. There are especially advertising its members toward the professional public, works published, organization of professional presentations and accompanying events on the occasion of important professional actions and jobs.
  12. The Association administrates its member files.

Quick Contact

The Chairman
  • Ing. Libor Braun
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone.: +420 607 818 196
The Secretary
  • Ing. Petr Zobal
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone.: +420 732 549 835